Winter Beauty!!!!

Hi everyone welcome back to another blog post . Today I am going to show you a few winter hair, makeup, and beauty hacks I found that will help you look very stylish this winter. So lets get started shall we.

First I am going to talk about hairstyles. Its always nice to have a fabulous outfit, but to have glamorous locks with it,  always helps the outfit stand out. Also you can never go wrong with letting your crown shine. Down below I am going to show you different hairstyles from wavy, tight curled, braids, shorter styles, and etc.


Wavy Girls:






Shorter Hair Girls:



Straight Hair Girls: 



Curly Girls:



Braids and Locks Girls:

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There are a whole lot more hairstyles you can possibly do in the winter but keep this in mind. TRY NOT TO USE A LOT OF HEAT IN YOUR HAIR!!!! DO PROTECTIVE STYLES!!!


Next I am going to show you a few makeup ideas for the winter time. These looks are flawless, and I hope you like them. Also I might try a few of these myself this winter.

Makeup Looks:

a999381e5001329f6bbf8bea5146fc46 This look will be perfect for either a Christmas or New Year party or event. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Finally I am going to show you a few beauty hacks that may come in handy this winter. I know some people suffer from dry skin, dry hair, and etc. I am here to help you find the cure. lol

Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before trying any of these hacks. I do not want to be responsible for your health.

Beauty Hacks 4 Skin :


Beauty Hacks 4 Hair:


 Extra Beauty Hacks:




I will like to thank you once again for stopping by. I really hope you enjoyed todays post and please share with your friends. I hope this winter treats you with kindness and have a fabulous day. See you next time, and remember YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


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