I really adored the First Lady and I’m really going to miss her and our President , but not only was she a very elegant woman with many accolades and achievements. She also was a fashion icon. First Lady Michelle Obama came a long way with her fashion, and it was so ย inspiring to me and other young ladies. She carries herself with grace and is such a wonderful role model for all generations. So down below will be my favorite looks of Michelle Obama throughout the years. I hope you Liked them!!!!c4e8bc3ab0792102f377dca67cc73c7839726f77bdd0eb6a8fbc2c11794c3e9cThe Ellen DeGeneres Show4f673bff4b732ac26b8d2066b22b3b41fdcb8f10182bda835fd8e20598f958d5b225bfe43fad49e4332ba6b08ba46abd2bde1f7b4738822391e999d7fc9d4b940efb1f2b00e52b24ed6401d9ae65af3c5282199329afec963c5ed2956b10e226a83f4093b6b81a043b00e36e55f3b39761dc0c6d73cd0abdbf88fa161dcea39f9430421bfe4ec0f259c984f3873fb81cc5771f2e7df80a07fa3d0b882f09b77390f3b0611fd59ec47d22121075010750a6fe9144262d149c80091da12fe23dca32b8183fa5e68c5a1a83c615a537076a


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Thank You First Lady Obama for everything you have done for us, and thank you for slaying. Also thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. So I hope to see you again and have a nice day and remember YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!


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